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Inujima Performing Arts Program 'MuDA IRON' 29 - 31 July, 2016<


MuDA Iron

Iron is the most stable element in space.  The energy released from an explosion moves toward a stable state, and then repeats the cycle.  Iron continues to be produced from the repeated collisions in the cosmic cycle of the universe.  This means that even in the vastness of space, where all elements seem to exist in disorder, they are actually moving in the same direction.  From these collisions and the reactions born from them, everything starts.  In every moment of every collision, life and the world begin.
New Outdoor Events by the Hyper-Performance Group 'MuDA'.MuDA aims to portray and convey some of life's regenerative experiences, such as 'starting something new after a collision,' and 'continuing to stand up after falling down,' and presents these in their ritual performances.Their theme this time is the ubiquitous universal material: iron.  The stage is to be set in a restricted area of the former Inujima Seirensho Refinery.  MuDA will create a ritual space at the site, where the remains of semi-refined copper, iron, and pieces of glass have scattered and solidified on the black ground.  Their performance focuses on the unique motions of collision and reaction: the dancers collide with each other, objects, and the earth.  A variety of components at the site, both natural and created, such as iron itself, the natural environment, sound, projections, pressure and more, will be incorporated into the performance, enabling stress to be seen and felt. 
Inujima performing arts program


date 20 fri-31 sun july 2016 open 18:30 start 19:00 duration 75min reception 15:00
location Inujima  |  Inujima Seirensho Art Museum
*there is a reception near by Inujima port
*door ticket will start to sell from 15;00 at the reception
*before 30min from the time of open,the numbered ticket wil be pssed out in front of the museum.
*capacity 150
Construction Construction MuDA



Addmission Advance adult : ¥3,500 Student : ¥2,000 (Elementary School students or above) Door adult : ¥4,500 Door Student : ¥2,500 (Elementary School students or above)
*discount ¥200 from adult ticket by show TRIENNALE PASSPORT when collecting ticket.
*After perfomance, extra ships and buses are operated for Okayama station.Tickets price include the fare.

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When you use pulic tranceport,please check the collect time table by yourself.Sometimes,the timetable may change.Please come to Inujima in good time well in advance.


■ Contact infomation Setouchi Triennale General Infomation Center TEL+81-87-813-2244(7:00 - 20:00)


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Produced by MuDA, Fukutake Foundation Co-produced by Setouchi Triennale Executive Committee Office Management supported by NPO Art Farm Supported by Asahi group foundation,Kyoto Art Center Artists in Studios program

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