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Hyper performance group "MuDA" was founded in Kyoto, Japan in 2010, centered around QUICK (DancerEDirector). The purpose of MuDA is embodying and propagating the activity of life to rise such as continuing to stand up, continuing to start to collide, converting a load, circulation and development movement. MuDA carries out performances, exhibitions, work-shop using various media such as body, objects, sound, video image and body preparation, gSEITAIh, in all over the world. Every activities of them are composed with "collision dance" which always collide with others, objects and the earth, and also "construction-recovery-circulation movements" based on MuDA philosophy of the activity of life to rise.


13. QUICK^DirectionEConceptEDanceESpatial artESEITAI
05. Kazushige UCHIDA^DanceESpatial artESEITAI
23. Shun FUKUSHIMA^DanceESpatial artECooking
99. Toru YAMANAKA^Sound designEDJ
20. Kotaro KONISHI^Video programming
03. Ryu MIENO^Advertising design
09. Yoshinori TAKEUCHI^Video editEVJ
86. Haruka AKIYAMA^Production managementEWeb managementEGoods design


02. CHIBIGUTS@b@07. Kazuma MIZUKAMI@b@08. Haruna SHIBUYA
14. Shinta INOUE@b@25. Takuma NAKATA@b@31. Shingo FUKUI
32. Sho TAKIGUCHI@b@55. Shin DEGAWA@b@77. Suryadi Sali
79. Kenta KURODA@b@84. Yasuyo ARTAKI@b@88. Yasuhiro TAKEMOTO

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