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Hyper performance group "MuDA" was founded in Kyoto, Japan in 2010, centered around QUICK (DancerEDirector). The purpose of MuDA is embodying and propagating the activity of life to rise such as gthe rhythm of the universe = starting something new after a collisionh, gthe rhythm of life = continuing to rise up after falling downh. MuDA carries out performances, exhibitions, work-shop using specific spaces, various art forms such as human, sound, video image, objects and spatial art in various places. Every activities of them are composed with "collision dance" which always collide with others, objects and the earth, and also "construction-recovery-circulation movements" based on MuDA philosophy of the activity of life to rise.


13. QUICK^DirectionEConceptEFoundation designEVisual designEDanceESpatial art
05. Kazushige UCHIDA^DanceESpatial, visual and object art
23. Shun FUKUSHIMA^DanceESpatial, visual and object art
99. Toru YAMANAKA^Sound designEDJ
20. Kotaro KONISHI^Video edit and programming
09. Yoshinori TAKEUCHI^Video editEVJ
03. Ryu MIENO^Advertising design
86. Haruka AKIYAMA^Production managementEGoods design


02. CHIBIGUTS@b@07. Kazuma MIZUKAMI@b@08. Haruna SHIBUYA
14. Shinta INOUE@b@25. Takuma NAKATA@b@31. Shingo FUKUI
32. Sho TAKIGUCHI@b@55. Shin DEGAWA@b@77. Suryadi Sali
79. Kenta KURODA@b@84. Yasuyo ARTAKI@b@88. Yasuhiro TAKEMOTO

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