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Hyper performance group MuDA was founded in Kyoto, Japan in 2010, centered around QUICK (DancerEDirector). The purpose of MuDA is embodying and propagating the activity of life to rise such as keeping on rising and converting stress, continuing to start collision. Based on the specific dance which keep on colliding body with the world and the method of construction, destroying and circulation based on MuDAfs philosophy of the activity of life to rise, MuDA carries out the art activities of life that developed and used various media such as body, objects, sound, video image, SEITAI (manual therapeutics) and foods.
Main performances are gTrash falls from the skyh(Kyoto, 2018), gSEMEGIAI Randomh(Taichung, Jakarta, Yogjakarta, Hokkaido, Kyoto, 2015-2018), gMuDA IRONh(Setouchi Triennale 2016 Inujima Performing Arts Program), gMuDA UMIOTOKOh(Setouchi Triennale 2016 Takamijima Project) and so on.


13. QUICK @@^@@DirectionEConceptEDanceESpatial artESEITAI (manual therapeutics)

Born in Kyoto, Japan in 1982. Quick is a dancer and artistic director. He started dancing based on breakdance in 1997, and formed a breakdance crew "Ichigeki" in 1999. His achievements include the 2nd prize and Best Show in "Battle of the Year Final 2005" (Germany). He won several awards, and has been invited as a guest dancer domestically and internationally.
In 2007, he started a dance community, "e-dance", with a art director, Shigemi Iida, who is an ex assistant of Kazuo Ohno. He acted as a performer and chief choreographer for all pieces. He performed stages of e-dance at seven cities in Japan, Spain and Italy. In 2010, He established a hyper performance group "MuDA", as a director, dancer and representative of MuDA.

23. Shun FUKUSHIMA^DanceESpatial artECooking
99. Toru YAMANAKA^Sound designEDJ
20. Kotaro KONISHI^Video programming
03. Ryu MIENO^Advertising design
09. Yoshinori TAKEUCHI^VJ
77. Suryadi Sali^Drums
86. Haruka AKIYAMA^Production managementEWeb managementEGoods design

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